How To Stay Safe While Traveling In Bali


Spending your vacation in Bali is a great idea since you have the opportunity to truly enjoy the beauty of nature in the place with a distinctive culture. Bali is called the island of God because of its rich religious custom and many temples. There are beautiful beaches, mountains, lakes, waterfalls, and many more that you can explore during your visit.

However, taking precautions is still necessary regardless of how safe the place is. There are various factors that can put your safety at risks such as crimes, natural disasters, food poisoning, and more.

Prioritize Your Safety

Being the icon of tourism in Indonesia, people from all over the world come literally every day to enjoy it. However, it is still important to know what to do to ensure your safety during your stay in Bali. Here are some potential dangers that you may encounter in Bali:

Natural disasters are not common in Bali but it is still a risk. There’s a couple of active volcanoes, most notably Mount Agung which is erupted in 2017. When that happened, the air route is stopped temporarily until the BMKG says it’s safe to fly again. This one is a rare case but it’s still something to be aware of.

Terrorism used to be a major threat a couple of years ago. In the early 2000s, there are 2 suicide bombing cases which caused global panic in 2002 and 2005. Although Bali’s reputation was tarnished prior to the incident, it has since been recovering and the security for every place is tightened.

Thievery is a common threat in any place, especially in the famous tourist area. Thus, it is important to stay cautious with your belongings. Do not wander around in the area that is considered not safe especially at night. For women, be extra cautious and don’t wear too much jewelry in the public.

Scam and Fraud are also pretty common in Indonesia. Make sure to check the market price of everything that you want to buy in Bali. Many places will charge you a way higher price especially if you’re a foreigner. Be wary of ATM as well since there’s a lot of rigged machine cases.

Food Poisoning often occurs to people who buy food and drinks without checking hygiene. If you are unsure where to buy decent foods, read some reviews on the internet or look for a busy place. Street food is especially the one that you must be extra careful.

Diseases. It is highly suggested to get vaccinated before visiting Bali. You can visit and consult your doctor to see what vaccination is important for you to get. Beware of rabies from animal bites and scratches. Don’t feed and pet monkeys you see in Bali.

Traffic Accidents also occur quite often in a busy area. The traffic in Bali is busy, congested, and chaotic most of the time. If you are not a professional driver or rider, you can take public transport or hire a local licensed driver. Be careful when you are walking down the street and especially in the crowd.

Stay Safe on Your Vacation!

In conclusion, Bali is relatively safe for any kind of traveler. You can even bring your whole family for a holiday in Bali. There are many places and activities that are family-friendly. It is also a great place for a romantic getaway.

If Bali was not a safe travel destination, there would not be domestic and international tourists flocking this place each year. However, being cautious and more prepared with your travel plan to Bali is a great thing to do to ensure your safety.

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