Family Trip in Bali

Family-Friendly Activities to Try in Bali


Bali is not only for lovers or adventurers but also for family and group travelers. The island is very accommodating to cater any kind of trip you desire. Bali is a great travel destination to bring your family along. There are many family-friendly places and activities to visit and try in Bali. Indulging your kids to have a memorable, fun holiday is not easy sometimes because you have to carefully plan it to ensure their safety and well-being as well. Choose the best place to start your family trip to Bali from now!.

Most recommended things to try with your family in Bali

There are many activities that you and your family can do during your trip to Bali. You can choose the destinations based on your kids’ interests. In Bali, there are activities involving interaction with animals, art and culture learning, water activities, physical activities, and other kinds of fun activities worth trying.

Here are some popular activities you can try with your kids during your family trip to Bali:

Visit Bali Safari and Marine Park

This activity is suitable for kids of all ages. The place is home to a variety of Indonesian unique animals such as Orang Utan, Bali Mynah Bird, as well as Komodo Dragon. This place, besides being an exciting and fun adventure activity is also educative. There are also small amusement and water park for your kids to have more fun.

Visit Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary

This place is suitable for kids above 3 years old. This place is located in Ubud and a perfect place to introduce your kids to wildlife in a safe environment. In this place, you and your kids will get to see monkeys roaming around freely instead of being caged. Inside the area, there are also temples you can visit. Don’t forget to always monitor your kids when they are interacting with the monkeys. Make sure you don’t let them get too close with the monkeys since their bites and scratches can be dangerous.

Watch Devdan Show

The show is also suitable for kids above 3 years old. This is a theater performance held at night. The show is spectacular and full of cultural values. The performance showcases cultural dance from Bali and other ethnics, aerial acrobatics, and beautiful storyline performed by experienced performers in gorgeous costumes.

Have fun at Bali Wake Park and Aqua Land

This place is suitable for kids above 6 years old. There are water activities your kids can try such as knee-boarding and wake-boarding. There are professional instructors to teach your kids as well. Aside from Bali Wake Park, there is also Aqua Land where your kids can have fun playing with trampoline, slides, runways, and various structures.

Try Snorkeling

Snorkeling is also a recommended activity you can do with your kids. It is suitable for kids above 8 years old. The most recommended place to try snorkeling with kids is the one located in Tulamben, Amed. The location is safer for kids. Not to mention that there is a shipwreck of the USS Liberty and Coral Garden to explore. Sea animals to meet include clownfishes, butterflyfishes, octopus, eels, and many more.

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