Woman doing yoga pose on the forest

Going into Yoga Retreat with Stunning View of Bali

Doing yoga pose by the beach on sunset

You don’t have to return from travel with fatigue or backache. You can return home feeling more refreshed, energized, and healthier. Go into yoga retreat during your vacation is recommended to help yourself relax. One of the best destinations for yoga retreats is in Bali.

Bali is known for having so many great places for yoga practices. During your vacation in Bali, it is highly recommended to visit one of those yoga retreats and experience a sense of awakening that makes you feel more alive.

A woman practicing yoga by the river on a forest

Best locations in Bali for experiencing yoga retreat

In Bali, you can find many affordable yoga retreats. They even offer a stunning view of Bali. Therefore, you can practice yoga in tranquility, surrounded by beautiful nature. Not to mention that the prices are relatively affordable and that you don’t really have to dig too deep into your wallet. Here are some of the best locations of yoga retreats in Bali you can visit:

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Azadi Reterat is a nice place for yoga in Bali

Azadi Retreat is where you can practice yoga a la Tarzan and Jane. This place is an open-space shala surrounded by spectacular views of rice fields as well as Mount Agung. This is where you can experience the real tranquility. It is a great place to remove all stress and negativity out of your body. Not to mention that your background music will be the sounds of the river running and the jungle. You will be treated to a special breakfast, lunch, and dinner with vegetarian meals throughout your stay. Enjoy the soothing massage at their on-site spa as well.

The hut on Firefly resort, a great place for yoga

Firefly Resort also offers you an amazing experience of practicing yoga. This place is surrounded by lush greenery. There is also an infinity pool overlooking a stunning view of paddy fields. Book a room here to have access to the daily program they offer to focus on traditional practices in order to provide balance and peace for both your body and mind. You get to experience yoga practices, meditation, cultural experiences, dancing, and more. Also, you can practice yoga in the backyard so you can enjoy the open-air environment. 

The magnificent Prada Vena Bali for practicing yoga

Prana Veda Bali is also recommended to visit for a yoga retreat. At their yoga shala, you can practice yoga, meditation, and dance. Not to mention that you will be accompanied by the stunning views of the ocean. Aside from indoor shala, you can also try outdoor shala in the garden where you can practice yoga in the open-air environment. You can join the practice with a small group usually consisting of 4 to 12 people.

Kura Kura villa in Bali for yoga activities

Kura Kura is a great yoga retreat in Bali with a great philosophy. Kura Kura itself is an Indonesian word for turtles. These animals are known for having no stress or rush. Thus, the owner name this place with hope people can come to slow down, relax, and refill the energy themselves. There are vegetarian foods served during your retreats. Another best spot to practice yoga in this place is at the studio overlooking the tranquil pool through a unique window. The place is located near the beach so you practice yoga there as well.

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