Unique Eateries for Rare Dining Experience in Bali


In Bali, you can find almost everything to satisfy your traveling journey. If you decide to spend your holiday in Bali, prepare to explore the city for many interesting things to try and see. Aside from visiting many tourist attractions, you can also visit various eateries, from the eco-friendly one to the one with unique themes. These places can give you a different dining experience than you probably never knew before.

List of Bali Unique Eateries

As mentioned before, you can pretty much find everything in Bali from beachfront cafes with unique themes to restaurants with the zero-waste concept. There are many of them in Bali to give you a different experience of travel. So to complete your vacation in Bali, here are some unique eateries that we recommend you to visit:

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Keramas Aero Park is a restaurant and bar located not far from Keramas beach, Gianyar. The unique point of this restaurant is the place itself. It is set on an abandoned plane in the middle of rice paddy fields. It may sound ridiculous but uniquely interesting to try. You will be enjoying your meals inside the cabins of the plane, or at the outdoor space just next to the wings.

In case you are wondering, there is not enough information to tell about the origins of the plane. The place has been gone through huge reconstruction to make it a proper and sufficient dining experience.

Unicorn Cafe Bali is such a unique eatery you can try in Bali. This is where you get to experience pinky unicorn-themed decor eateries. Inside, you will enjoy your meals while surrounded by colorful murals and furniture. This is a family-friendly cafe so you can bring your kids and let them slip in a unicorn onesie. You can also order unicorn cake and other sweets. This place is located in Seminyak.

Hogwartz The Pub Bali is obviously a pub with the Harry Potter theme. If you claim yourself a diehard fan of Harry Potter, you can visit this place during your vacation in Bali to indulge your passion. Aside from a wide selection of foods, you can also order magic inspired cocktails, and Butterbeer.

If you drink non-alcoholic beverages, you can order a non-alcoholic option of Butterbeer as well. You can also dress up as Hogwarts students and watch magic performances and shows while enjoying your meals.

Koral Restaurant is such a unique place to eat in Bali. It is like you are eating underwater. The restaurant itself is located at The Apurva Kempinski Bali. It is the first underwater aquarium restaurant in Bali. You can try their four-course dinner while presented with a stunning view of your surroundings. However, this restaurant is only open in the evening.

Ling Ling’s Bali is a unique cafe with an anime theme. You can also order wide selections of Korean-Japanese fusion. The walls are decorated with manga themes. You can also find Japanese funks elements dotting every corner of the cafe. Thus, you can enjoy your foods and take some Instagram- worthy pictures later. It makes your dining experience more interesting.