What To Wear When Traveling In Bali


Bali is one of the most favorite travel destinations in the world. It has been recognized as one of the most beautiful places in the world. Lots of public figures visit this island to experience the charm and beauty of Bali. This island has a magical atmosphere on every corner. Not to mention that the distinctive cultures make Bali even more interesting to visit because of the curiosity that you will get to find out more about the island.

The locals are really friendly and they are already used to the presence of tourists and visitors. The locals, especially in tourist places, are usually able to speak English better than most people so you won’t really experience hassle due to the language barrier.

Bali is a great travel destination since the weather is almost always nice throughout the year. Bali is located in a tropical country so you can expect travel experience from a tropical destination such as nice weather, exotic fruits, and holiday atmosphere. As for things you need to pack and wear, here are some tips for you:

Things to Pack and Wear in Bali

Just like any other travel destination, you can pack essentials that you need for personal use for traveling in Bali such as underwear, blouse, shorts, t-shirt, sunscreen, glasses, hats, etc. Jackets are not necessary for when you travel in Bali unless it is rainy season. For footwear, you can pack a pair of sneakers if you plan to have a long walk. You can also pack a pair of flip flops for when you stroll down the beaches. If you don’t want to bring a jacket, pack a light sweater. 

In Bali, you can dress up basically in any kind of style you like. You can dress yourself up in feminine style, casual style, or formal style. It also depends on your plan. If you have a plan to attend formal events, packing a pair of formal clothes will be necessary. For casual exploration in Bali, you can just wear a comfortable shirt and pants. You can also wear a pair of shorts if you like. However, be mindful when you are going to visit a temple. They require you to wear modest clothes which are not too revealing. 

Pack comfortable clothes for your travel in Bali since the weather can be very hot. Wear some clothes with breathable fabrics such as cotton. Also, it is recommended to wear light-colored clothes to reflect the sun. White clothes are necessary for traveling in Bali to fight the sun. Wearing tank tops paired with short is allowed in Bali. Just please be mindful when you are in fewer tourist areas or sacred places. Make sure to respect the tradition and cultures of the locals. Carrying around a sarong is a safe bet.

To make it easier for you to decide what kind of clothes to pack and wear in Bali, the temperature in Bali during the day is around 20-33 degrees Celsius all year round. The evening can get chilly so a light jacket or sweater will help to shield you from the cold.

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So, technically there’s no real restriction about what you should wear in Bali. Unlike in Java, Bali has more freedom in regard to tourist’s behavior as long as you are still being respectful to the local custom. Bring your best outfit next time you plan your travel to Bali!

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