Nyaman Art Gallery Collaboration

Things to Do in Seminyak: Art, Culture, and Party!


Things to do in Seminyak—So much less crowded than Kuta, Seminyak is often dubbed as home to the expat community in Bali. While it’s definitely been gaining popularity in the last few years, only a decade ago, Seminyak was nearly unheard of next to the buzz of Kuta.

Enjoy Kuta’s classier counterpart

Seminyak is less crowded compared to Kuta. Daily traffic of the roads is not as congested. The major hub to Seminyak, Jalan Sunset Road, does not experience congestion as much as the Kuta area. If Kuta beach’s road lining up the Beachwalk and many other establishments around the area is a nightmare for you, then fear not, Seminyak is not as horrid when it comes to traffic. It’s also an ideal spot to chose where to stay in Bali. From the authentic Balinese experience to a vibrant nightlife scene, Seminyak has an abundance of to-dos to offer you.

Things to do in Seminyak: Spiritual Experience at Pura Petitenget

Bask in the serene atmosphere of this beautiful temple right in the heart of the hustle and bustle of Seminyak. This Hindu temple is centuries old and has been one of the major Pura in the Kuta-Seminyak-Legian areas. You will need to wear a type of sarong in order to be granted entry, as people are obliged to wear appropriate attire whenever going to temples.

pura petitenget bali things to do in seminyak

You’re going to be surrounded by red bricks and gorgeous ancient Balinese architecture that feels a bit as if you’ve traveled back in time. This place is an important cultural landmark with a rich history. Locals used to pray here for protection against diseases. To this day, it has stayed as an active place of worship. If you’re lucky, you’re going to be able to catch the locals having dance rehearsals with their Kamen sarong in the pavilion near the temple.

Things to do in Seminyak: Visit Nyaman Art Gallery

Housing various paintings and sculptures from the local artists, Nyaman Art Gallery is a unique space amongst Seminyak’s busy streets. The gallery claimed as the first international contemporary gallery in Bali located in Seminyak. Visit nyamangallery at instagram to take a virtual peek of what goes inside the gallery. Nyaman Art Gallery opens at 9 am and closes at 9om everyday of the week.

nyaman art gallery in seminyak copy

More things to do in Seminyak? Catch a gorgeous street art done by none other than Nyaman Art Gallery. They recently did a collaboration of a huge, wall-sized art with The Shampoo Lounge. If you’re in Seminyak already, head to The Shampoo Lounge near a traffic light, next to Bali Barber to catch the impressive street art!

Nyaman Art Gallery Collaboration

Window shopping and Boutique-hopping!

beautiful boutiques in seminyak

If you love shopping, chances are, you’re going to love strolling down the streets of Seminyak. For some people, things to do in Seminyak is not complete without an agenda of boutique-hopping. Even when you’re just window-shopping, the sheer amount of boutiques lining up the street is going to indulge your eyes. Clothes or furnitures? Seminyak has it all.

seminyak gorgeous furniture boutiques

Pamper your inner shopaholics to the activity of shop-hopping and take a look at some of the unique one of a kind jewelry. Try out new sundresses or classy, tropical -style evening dresses. Looking for the perfect souvenir for your loved ones? Take a look at the classy, artsy furniture boutique shops too! Seminyak has it in abundance here. Beware though, this activity can easily drain your entire holiday savings. So, make sure to set aside a budget for boutique-hopping in Seminyak if you’re serious about it.

Visit Beach Clubs and Fine Dining

Seminyak is simply full of exciting beach clubs and fine dining. Enter the ever-popular Potato Head Beach Club and enjoy infinity pools and have some fun. Some people say their list of things to do in Seminyak just doesn’t seem complete without visiting many of its amazing eating out places. Aside from PH, here are some of our recommendations for your fun Bali night out!

Sea Vu Play Restaurant and Bar

the vibrant sea vu play in seminyak

A play of the words “s’il vou plait” that translates to “please”, Sea Vu Play is a fun, nautical-themed bar and restaurant. Located in Jalan Petitenget Seminyak, you can choose to dine here after a visit to the Petitenget Temple. It has a dress code of tropical and casual, so don’t worry about not being in the right attire when you visit this place. Just sip away your wine and have fun!

La Favela

things to do in seminyak la favela

Things to do in Seminyak just got vintage. With gorgeous, unique overall decor, La Favela is one of those spots people never missed to take a snap on. It’s pure heaven for vintage lovers! Inspired by the underground art scene of both New York and London way back to the early 90s, this place is a Seminyak’s must-visit. It’s heavy with underground vibes. A most exciting place to party, give it a try when you’re in Seminyak!

The Bamboo Entrance of W Bali Hotel


highly instagrammable seminyak spot

The W Hotel entrance is surprisingly quite popular with the tourists. Many people take pictures in front of the gorgeous greenery to post on your instagram. Serious about your instagram game? Have a photoshoot session with the numerous local photographers you can easily contact.


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Visit the Nacivet Art Gallery

nacivet art gallery things to do in seminyak

Another art gallery we’d like to feature! Nacivet Art Gallery houses stunning photographs of the local Balinese life. Setting your foot inside the monochrome-filled canvas of the art gallery feels like taking a peek at the locals’ personal lives. Many visitors have described it as seeing “real photos of real people”. The place is a perfect spot if you’re looking for a unique gift or souvenirs to bring home. If you plan to visit Seminyak anytime soon and are curious about the art gallery, then take a look at NacivetArt on instagram.

What to do in Seminyak: Dream Museum Zone Bali (DMZ)

seminyak family fun trick art museum

The museum is also known as Trick Art 3D Gallery. The place is a perfect place to bring your kids and create some photo memories. It may not be the first thing that pops up when you think about family fun in Bali. But simply being surrounded by the fun, vibrant art is something worthwhile if you love taking pictures. Staffs are largely very helpful when it comes to taking your pictures. So don’t be anxious about who’s going to take the pics!