Where to Find the Best Souvenirs from Bali


The best souvenirs from Bali can be a tricky one to point out. The island is an embodiment of a wealth of culture. This gets reflected in the many forms of the island’s arts and more. Let’s get to know what type of items that are authentic to Bali and Indonesia and are therefore souvenir-worthy. Here we’ll also point to some ideas on where to find them.

Where to find the best souvenirs from Bali: Pasar Tradisional Kumbasari

The Kumbasari Traditional Market is a famous go-to-market to purchase all kinds of souvenir items. Wooden bowls, rattan bags, and sundresses, they all have it here. Some people had recommended that this should be the first shop you go into before you decide to shop anywhere else in Bali. And for the price it offers? It can’t be any truer!

pasar tradisional kumbasari best souvenirs from bali

Do be aware though that some people acting as “guides” would follow you offering their services. Without you asking them to. This can be very annoying and those who get easily intimidated may just say yes. These people are usually there to “bring shoppers to the shops”—prices will go slightly higher for you so that shop owners will be able to pay a commission price for your “guide”. Do say strictly say no to them if you’re uncomfortable with this. Be aware that they are very persistent. But as long as you clearly and politely decline, they’ll eventually back off… to find another visitor that just arrived who are more willing than you!

balinese organic soap - best souvenirs from bali

What Indonesian traditional markets often consists of is minimum hygiene effort. As the expat.or.id had so eloquently put, “you can see rats in plain sight”. And that’s not even an exaggeration in the slightest. Shops that don’t sell food are somewhat better in terms of cleanliness, but only somewhat. If this isn’t for you, then don’t complain when you decided to go anyway. But if you’re eager to experience Bali and Indonesia in its all less-than-sanitary glory, then, by all means, going to a pasar is an excellent way to experience one of the most authentic local experiences. 

Where to find the best souvenirs from Bali: Erlangga 2 Gift Shop

erlangga 2 bali souvenir shop

A one-stop destination for souvenir shopping, Erlangga 2 is definitely a go-to place you need to check out if it’s at the top of your travel todos. When it comes to souvenir shopping department store, Erlangga has the lowest price among all. Erlangga 2 is located in West Denpasar. Below we’ve included the map for you.

The Erlangga shop has another branch called “Erlangga 1” located very close to Erlangga 2, but is much smaller and items are displayed very closely together. Erlangga 1 seemed to have more selections of fabrics and textiles as well as clothes. Erlangga is largely targeted at local tourists. It’s definitely one of the best places to find authentic, not-overpriced, some of the best souvenirs from Bali.

Where to find the best souvenir from Bali: Krisna Oleh Oleh

krisna bali one stop souvenir shopping

The Krisna shop is virtually the same as Erlangga. Except for the fact that the prices in Krisna are more expensive, and that Krisna sees more international visitors. The items sold in both places mostly came from the same sources as well. Krisna shops are often larger. But if you’re looking to save the most money, then refer to the previous shop we’ve mentioned. With that said, Krisna is more accessible in the main tourist areas and the stores are more comfortable overall.

Textile Shops at Jalan Sulawesi

an abundance of textile shops at jalan sulawesi bali

This is a one-stop shopping destination for those looking for all kinds of Indonesian textiles and more. Locals shop here all the time because of the price and the fact that Jalan Sulawesi (Sulawesi street) is famous for its lines of home-owned textile shops. Indonesian textiles are world-famous and can be very expensive back home. Jalan Sulawesi is the go-to place to obtain these goods as one of the best souvenirs from Bali you can bring home. While you’re at it, Jalan Sulawesi is only about 10 minutes scooter ride away from Erlangga 2 shop. Do check out both places when you’re in the area!

vibrant fabrics shopping in bali

You can find an abundance of batik and Ikat textiles at this place. They are materials difficult and extremely expensive to obtain at home. At Jalan Sulawesi, you can obtain them at very reasonable prices. If you love the look of Kebaya Bali, then you’ll be pleased to find many exquisite selections of brocades here. You can find contemporary cotton batik textiles in under 30,000 IDR (approximately 2.10 USD at the time of this writing) per meter. Dirt cheap!

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Best souvenirs from Bali? Have a look at the silversmith villages

silver - shopping for souvenirs in bali

The villages heading to the Gianyar area were known as the silversmith villages dating back centuries. They include Desa Celuk (Celuk village), Desa Singapadu, Desa Sukawati, and even Ubud, among others. Thousands of home-owned shops line up the main roads. Everything is locally made. Many of the humble shops that you can find lining the streets are owned by the local family. Definitely famous for being one of the best souvenirs from Bali, some of the silver workshops you can check out are Prapen at Desa Celuk, Studio Perak, and WS Art Studio.

Luwak coffee and Bali Coffee

Known as one of the most expensive types of coffee in the world, the Luwak coffee was originally the only coffee Indonesians were able to drink during the Dutch colonialism era. The name “Luwak” itself refers to a type of weasel in Indonesia more commonly known as “musang”. Outside of Indonesia, Luwak coffee is referred to as civet coffee.

enjoying coffee in bali - coffee gifts

In recent times, the Luwak coffee has been called out for its accused animal cruelty and a mere marketing ploy. But it is undoubtedly still one of the biggest coffee industries in Indonesia. If you don’t want to support the Luwak coffee industry for said reasons, then getting the good old Bali coffee would be the best option for you. Classic Arabica and Robusta coffee beans are planted in the higher lands of Kintamani. Going to the Kintamani area yourself is a great way to spend your day. You’ll be able to experience the authentic coffee straight out of the origin! It may not be everyone’s cup of coffee, but definitely one of my favorites. The Bali coffee is one of the best souvenirs from Bali to gift to coffee lovers fellow.

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Webbed straw and rattan works

rattan webbed straws bag in bali

Indonesia is famous for its rattan and webbed straws works. From handbags to baskets, name it and they’d likely have it. Here they’re called “anyaman” which roughly translates to “webbed”. The bags made out of rattans are simply chic and perfect to combine with your summer dresses. It’s also a very neat item for a souvenir.

Balinese organic products

Quite recently, it seemed that tourism in Bali has brought forth another trend in its manufacturing industry. From essential oils, body butter, to Balinese chocolates, there are numerous brands in Bali now that sell authentic organic products. This development is far ahead of any of Indonesia’s other regions.

a range of various essential oils in bali

You can easily obtain these products when you go to any major shops in Bali, including the department stores. Take Hypermart at Mall Bali Galeria, Carrefour Sunset Road, and Tiara Dewata, to name a few. Take Herborist and Bali Ratih, for example. They are affordable options that you can easily obtain. Other premium brands are available and are often sold in boutique stores. They include Utama Spice, Bali Alus’ Moksa, Sensatia, auric sprays from Balipura, and many more.