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Winter Travel Outfits: Dress Well and Pack Light


Winter travel outfits on fashion magazines and Instagram OOTDs may seem downright impossible when it’s really cold out there and you could really care less about fashion when it’s freezing. Perhaps it’s possible at home where you’re more accustomed to the temperature and your body isn’t under the stress of travel but when you’re going somewhere far away? It could be overwhelming. It’s tricky to balance out lightweight packing in order to stay warm, and wanting to still dress well to top it off!

We bulk up on the clothes until we’re more bundles of fabrics than human, and it poses a problem when the topic of traveling is bought up. That could be very well avoided. Depending on where you travel and the weathers, looking your best during the winter is not just something that can only be pulled up by people you see on screen.

Create a Packing List

This might seem like an obvious one for the frequent, organized travelers out there. But a lot of us don’t create a packing list until after we forgot something and left it behind at home, or some other disastrous scenarios. Can’t stress this enough; honestly, planning is key.

travel packing list
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Make sure that you have a good idea of the weather in your destination. Do your research during your planning, as it will help you determine important things for your travel packing list.

Having a packing list helps a lot in shaping clear ideas for your winter travel outfits. Creating a list will also let you go back and do a double check. By having a simple, comprehensive list will prevent you from forgetting items. Essential clothing items and accessories such as hats, earmuffs, gloves, and such, are small items that are sometimes forgotten.

Dress well, stay warm, and pack light!

It’s best to start creating your travel packing list by categories. In general, travel packing list would consist of:

  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Toiletries
  • Personal Health (first aids, personal medicines, motion sickness medicines, vitamins, etc.)
  • Makeup
  • Devices
  • Accessories (earmuffs, winter hats, etc.)

Here are more ideas on packing and outfits.

A packing list is highly personal. As our needs could greatly differ from one another. Categories above, however, are applicable across many aspects; how long you’re traveling, when, and where.  Expand, tweak, and modify as you need, with select coordination of winter outfits in mind. 

Remember that if you travel for a month, bringing just a week worth of clothing is enough. Travel light is key. You will have to wash your clothes at one point or another during your travel.

Think in Layers, Think in Outfits 

Layers, layers, layers. Winter is all about layers. If you love styling, you’ll love winter as you come up with ideas of outfits that will keep you warm and still make you look hella fine. Thinking in layers is not merely to save you from the harsh winter cold. It has long been the recipe for good fashion. Mix and match won’t be here if not without thinking in layers. Planning your outfits is extremely important.

Winter Travel Packing

This closely correlates to point 1, planning your packing, and creating a packing list. Getting into this layering business can be a bit confusing and you can end up bringing so much more than you need if you don’t have a clear coordination of the outfits.

Layering for winter travel
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  • Base layer. This is the layer you put on after your underwear. One of the best base layers is a thermal; be it a top or leggings. You can also wear thermal undergarments and wear a shirt on top. Another trick is doubling your base layer if you’re sensitive to the cold or if you come from the tropics.
  • Middle layer. This is the layer that will wear as your outermost clothing when you are indoor and doesn’t need the protection from the weather. A chic vest, a sleek cardigan, or a blazer are all excellent choices for your middle layer.
  • Outer layer. Your outermost winter travel outfits can stop here, or you could add another layer outside for weather protection or a thin layer inside for extra warmth. There is a wide range of items that you can pick for your outermost layer and add to your packing list, and it all depends on the weather and your needs and wants. If the weather isn’t mostly rainy or snowy, as a general rule, wearing a peacoat is an easy way to look put together and fashionable during the colder months.

“Think in layers for warmth, think in outfits for packing. Think in both for the perfect combo.”

Monochrome Rules, Especially for Winter Travel Outfits

Black, white, grey, they’re all classified as “neutrals”. Monochrome is timeless. These colors will not go out of season, ever. And they are ever-elegant. On top of that, monochrome is the most comprehensive and easiest to style. By having your wardrobe consists of just monochrome, you’ll know everything goes with everything. This allows you to not pack more simply because you know that turquoise top would only look good with a certain navy skirt you’re packing into your luggage just so that you can wear the top.


Monochrome travel outfit
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Sometimes you can make the exception for beige or taupe. They’re a bit less sharp compared to the sleekness that stark colors such as black and white make, but they make gorgeous neutral shades that you can versatilely mix and match with any of your wardrobe items.

If you’re persistent and don’t want to only wear blacks and greys for some reason (can’t think of any, who doesn’t like wearing black?), or simply want to add some splash of colors to your winter travel outfits, alternatively, you can also color coordinate your outfits. This is extremely important to make sure your outfits match with everything.

Bring Tank Tops or Camisoles

These pieces are extremely versatile for your winter travel outfits, and you can double on them as an undergarment for the extra warmth, without making your silhouette look bulky. They can be worn later if you’re on a long trip and plan to go to warmer climates. They can also be worn for exercise. Because tank tops and camisoles are very lightweight, they’d likely dry quicker than most of your packing items

Stay Away From What-Ifs

This is the culprit that makes people overpack. “What if it rains?” Then you’re bringing an umbrella or even a raincoat. Chances are, you can buy umbrellas at relatively affordable prices at any supermarkets or even convenience stores in your destination. Make sure to stay away from what-ifs; you’ll likely end up not wearing or using the piece at all. Pieces that are not coordinated well for your winter travel outfits will likely just take up space in your luggage and collect dust.

Boots and Blanket Scarfs


thigh high boots for winter outfit

Depending on the materials, thigh-high boots are warmer than thick materials pants or legging materials such as denim or wool. Thigh-high or even just knee-high boots will accentuate the silhouette of your legs and make them appear longer. They’re fool-proof fashion items that would instantly dress you up.

Blanket Scarf for Winter Outfit

A for blanket scarfs—they’re items that are simply versatile. Oversized clothing easily creates a cozy, chic look. Depending on your style, you can ace an incredibly cute look. Blanket scarfs can be super bulky, so make sure that you’re not sacrificing space by bringing them. Again, you can always wear your bulkiest item on the plane in order to decrease the weight of your luggage, and you can even use your bulkiest piece as a makeshift pillow!