Ubud Retreat: A Realistic Approach to Detoxing


Ubud retreat is becoming more and more popular with the mass of tourists who flock to Bali every year. More and more spa establishments and resorts offer their retreat and detox programs. All inclusive of yoga, vegan menu, and a view of the exquisite beaches and oceans. Everything with a promise to become a new you and rid your body of off its accumulated toxins of everyday lives. But does it sound to good to be true? Marketing certainly sells the dream. But before you jump, let’s try to be realistic here.

Ubud retreat: Ask yourself the most important questions

Why do you want to do retreats? What do you want to achieve from your detox program? Don’t beat around the bush with yourself. If one of your major goals from the detox is losing weight, then you may want to re-evaluate. If you’re simply offered by a friend and coming without expectations, retreat experiences may be an enriching experience for you. You’ll learn new things you otherwise won’t be able to be exposed to if you aren’t going.

Health retreats help kickstart a healthy habit

A long-term, lasting impact may not come from mere 3 to 10 days of an Ubud retreat program you plan to undergo. Leading a healthy and mindful life is a journey. And that includes eating healthy during your travel. You won’t become a different person instantly once you got off your Ubud retreat as if you’re out from a human workshop like a car did.

ubud retreat health detox

However, detox retreats do have its purpose. It can serve as a catalyst to help you start the healthy lifestyle you’ve been striving to aim for. If you’ve been thinking of joining detox programs, chances are, you’ve begun your effort in implementing healthier habits yourself. It does not matter at what stage of progress you’re at. Kickstarting a healthy lifestyle through a detox has been effective for some people. But remember that retreats are merely a start. It simply offers you the necessary tools to apply the magic to your life. The rest is up to you.

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Health retreats help reset your sleep cycle

A lot of people have an irregular sleep cycle. And many of them don’t get enough sleep daily. Sleep is one of the most important things that ensure your survival. And your body needs sleep more intensely than food. Modern life is so demanding and we are often swept away by the demands that we even have difficulties fulfilling this one basic needs. This is one of the benefits of undergoing a health retreat that is often overlooked.

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In a retreat experience, there’s a regime that you need to follow. A retreat affords you a time that you otherwise won’t be able to get at home. And this includes the much-needed sleep to give yourself a full rest. It’s up to yourself to keep it up. During a retreat. While there is no guarantee that you will keep it up at home outside of the retreat regime, sometimes all you need is the right push.

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Ubud retreat: Step in with a consultation mindset

One of the major advantages in choosing to go on a retreat to kickstart your healthy lifestyle compared to doing it at home is the resources you will get. By simply participating, you’re surrounded by people from different backgrounds in various stages towards working on a healthy lifestyle. Aside from the obvious guidance from the retreats’ coaches, strike a conversation with fellow participants.

health retreat bali

A lot of people still get in touch with their coaches to consult and follow up with their progress after their retreat. If you’re in a need for someone to check up on your progress, a consultant may be able to aid you with it professionally. Checking back to see your progress is so important. And having someone you can consult with is invaluable. So make sure to get the best out of your retreat experience by coming with the mindset to continuously learn.

The real deal is not going to be easy

The packaging may come with a 5-star hotel label. But changing the habits of your health is one of the most difficult things one can do. The luxury and nature around you are going to make you feel good, that’s for sure. But if it feels like leisure; the muscles of your body don’t ache from the exercise and stretches of yoga, then you may want to review your regime. Unless you already lead a healthy lifestyle, the changes in your dietary intake and routine are going to affect you in one way or another.

A sense of belonging in a community

One of the major benefits of these health retreats that is not mentioned often enough is its function in bringing people together. Starting a healthy lifestyle is difficult in and of itself. This becomes even harder when you are not surrounded by people who also lead a healthy lifestyle.

finding a community health retreat

Going to an Ubud retreat is going to help you find your community. Especially when you are so far away from home and you don’t have your support system. Ubud health and detox retreats can be one of your ways to find like-minded people. This is another reason for going to a retreat that you won’t be able to gain if you’re starting alone at home.

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Managing your own expectations

Everyone’s experiences are going to be different from each other. What you heard from someone or read from somebody’s blog may not apply to you. A common example of managing these expectations include weight loss if that happens to be one of your goals in an Ubud retreat. And one of the most commonly repeated detox purposes I’ve seen is ‘liver cleanse’. Hold on right there.

Most of these are pseudoscience. Our bodies rid itself off of toxins through urinating and defecating. And a liver cleanse is not as simple as the retreat menu that a spa present you with a promise of healing. Don’t come home disappointed and feeling rage instead of the promised calm, then. Start seeing detox retreats in a more realistic light. Better yet, come without any expectations. It may not be a magical healing experience. But it’s a place to learn.

Don’t let your retreat be another glorified spa experience

a retreat is often just a glorified luxury vacation
Going to a retreat is often just a glorified luxury vacation.

The retreats programs often ended up as pure luxury. It concerns our own vital’s health. But with the way it is packaged, with all the luxury, you know not everyone can afford it. Most, if not all retreat programs have a spa experience is an integral part of its program. In fact, many of these retreat experiences are conducted by spas companies and resorts. By having your very own set of realistic goals and managing your expectations, you’ll have a much better time and feels a better sense of value from the experience.