how to travel light and stay stylish

How to Travel Light Anywhere While Staying Stylish


How to travel light – You know that you want to look good in any of your travel. And that often involves bringing numerous pieces of clothes so that you have a lot of options to mix and match and choose from. But airline luggage cost is not getting any cheaper. And you don’t want to sacrifice your look for traveling with less luggage. If you have this train of thought then perhaps you’ve been approaching packing and dressing well not in a good way. How to travel light and stay stylish at the same time? It’s not rocket science. All you have to do is learn a few handy tips, and practice them as you travel. You’ll only get better once you know how.

How to Travel Light? Plan Your Outfits!

Planning your outfits for your travel is not emphasized enough. While we can’t stress enough that planning is key, planning your outfit is even more so. Planning your outfits is key on how to travel light. It would also save you time styling during your travels.

how to travel light and stay stylish

No more rummaging through and trying out eight different pieces to match in front of a mirror while you’re short on time because you woke up late to make up for the jetlag. No more dilemma of wondering what to wear for the night out. Having your outfits planned made all the difference in the world. It gives you a sense of readiness. Traveling is actually a stressful event on your body, so save yourself the unnecessary hassle! Plan your everyday look as well as an outfit for a night out or for a more formal occasion. You’ve got it all covered.

If you have no time at all to try everything out—go monochrome. You’d still need to plan your outfits, but it’d give you a piece of mind knowing that everything you’re bringing is going to get along well with each other. Going monochrome for your overall outfit is also going to make styling and planning your outfit ahead so much easier.

Only bring the tested

Pay attention to what you wear on a daily basis. If you’ve never worn a piece before, chances are, you’re also not going to wear it on your travels. An exception would be clothing for a specific activity such as a diving suit, swimsuit, etc.

Don’t bring a piece that is not a part of your outfit you’ve planned

How to travel light? Only bring the outfits you've planned!

This is something irresistible to do. The whole point of planning your outfit is so that you don’t wonder about what-ifs and ended up bringing pieces you don’t wear in the end. Don’t go falling into the hell hole of “what-ifs”. Bring only the outfits that you’ve painstakingly put together. How to travel light does not include bringing stuff that you bring for the mere reason of “just in case”.

Bring Versatile Items

Versatile items that you can style and combine with any pieces in your wardrobe is second in importance only to planning your outfits. Versatile pieces are key to how to travel light and stylish. Some of those items are:

Blanket scarfs

Wear your blanket scarfs as a belted cape, a simple wrap around, or a triangle fold, you’re guaranteed warmth and style. Blanket scarfs are very versatile and it can be styled into several looks. It’s a highly versatile winter piece that you can actually wear during autumn and spring as well. Wear your blanket scarfs on the plane for an added warmth.


Black leggings

Whether it’s faux leather or cotton, black leggings are quick and fashionable. Paired with a pair of booties, they’re good to wear for a night out. These pieces are especially handy for those who don’t like to wear pants because they obscure your figure. You can’t go wrong in comfort and style by packing a black legging to your luggage.

Over the knee boots

Over the knee boots are impressively stylish and sharp. They give an emphasis on your legs’ silhouette. These thigh-highs are very flattering on your figure and have a ‘lengthening’ effect. Even if you’re wearing bulky clothes on top, wearing over the knee would easily balance it out. Pairing it with an above the knee skirt or shorts will allow for a flash of skin to peek out makes it a very feminine look perfect for both a night out as well as a casual day stroll.

travel look street style


Blazer is a jacket that you can never go wrong with. Whether a casual white tee or a cocktail dress, blazer gives an added warmth while making your look stay sharp. Another item that’s just as versatile and just as warm is a Moto jacket. Depending on your activities and where you’re going during your travel, having one of them as a staple to your travel wardrobe is something you could never go wrong with. Travel light pro-tip: unless you’re going to a cold destination or during winters (or simply love the jacketed look too much), only bring one of them instead of both as they serve a similar purpose in shaping your look.

Two Shoes, No More

As a rule of thumb, bring one comfy, one dressy. And these two include the one you’re wearing, that means just one pair inside your backpack or suitcase. Bringing two pairs of shoes that serve similar purposes is not how to travel light. The point of bringing two pairs is for the different purposes or activities they serve. Bringing three shoes is just way too much. Shoes take up a lot of space because they are rigid, and a lot of shoes are just heavy. Make a wise decision for packing your shoes or you’d end up with not just a heavy suitcase, but a heavy regret if you end up not wearing even one of your shoes you’ve brought.

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To save you from the vicious cycle of what-ifs, bring booties if you’re unsure whether the weather would allow you to wear your strapped heel for a night out. Over the knee boots are also an excellent choice that you can wear during the day.


Tip for those who had excelled at this and want to up their packing light game by just bringing (wearing) a pair? Combine both comfy and dressy as one into a pair of flat booties or flat over the knee boots. The lack of heels, chunky or not, make so much difference in your comfort level.

If the weather on your destination is mild or warm, consider bringing a pair of sturdy ballet flats would prove to be the most lightweight option. Always wear thin beige socks or hosiery for your feet protection especially if you’re going to do a lot of walking. You can bring a pair of thicker, matching socks as an optional, added layer of protection for your feet.